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Dr. Horrible Freezeray

Took: 4 man-weeks over the course of 12 weeks.
This took really long to finish, because this was my first project of this kind and magnitude. A lot of planning and a lot of trial and error was required. And there is always the question where to source the materials.

First we need a 'box'. Because I thought, that the freezeray would be too light, I chose pretty heavy and tough wood.
The initial main gun was an aluminum pipe we had lying around. I sanded it, but wasn't so happy with it. It had a few flaws. So I bought a new leg of a table for the main barrel.

Back handle (or shoulder pad) It turned out to be really helpful to use wood hidden behind metal to connect things.
Thick double sided tape fills the gap.
I wanted to keep the lower handle as simple as possible, while being really sturdy. This is a small table leg. Perfect.
I knew, I couldn't replicate the original professional 'top lid'. So I got creative. These are thermoformed plastic parts from a hard drive transport box and half a small bottle. With more time one could fill in the holes with putty or something.