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Hammond Halfmoon Leslie Switch

One day I wanted to build a halfmoon switch. I don't own a Hammond organ, but it seemed like a good idea.

I soaked some plywood in water and carefully bent it around a can and fixed it with cable ties. Cable ties are awesome. Then used a knife to cut some thin MDF to glue the plywood onto to keep the shape. As the glued areas are very small I decided that everything needs more reinforcements. First with more wood, then wood putty.

I took care that in the end it should be possible to insert and remove the switch easily. So the switch is not build in forever. Everything is carefully sanded from all sides and (not shown) dipped into some oil finish what makes the whole thing somewhat darker.

But how is it fixed to anything? I thought this question would answer itself during the build. But it didn't. The easiest and probably most durable way was using the screws of the switch. Just sandwich in some very small angle brackets. So the switching force will act on the switch, the top MDF and the angles. All the other parts are just decoration and do not have to withstand force.