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Light Bulb as a Mini Garden

I stumbled upon this idea on the internet.

To open the bulb I crushed the glass contact on the bottom with a vise and used some long pliers to destroy the filament holder. I put a towel over the bulb to prevent ejection of glass shards just in case it shattered.

First small pebbles are inserted, to hold some water and act as a base for the plants. To make sure the pebbles were clean and wouldn't introduce - I don't know - harmful materials, I cleaned them with pure alcohol. Then moss and a bit of this short grass that grows between stone slabs was put directly onto the pebbles.

I don't see the reason to hermetically seal it and risk mold. Still it doesn't need to be watered often, as most of it seems to condense inside and flow back. This is now like 4 months old and works great. Maybe too great as it tries to escape the bulb. The moss even has roots directly on the glass.

Last image is for red-cyan 3d glasses. Just for fun.