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UFO Alarmclock Mod

One day I needed to modify this UFO alarm clock.
Nothing special:
AVR attiny2303
USB-RD232 adapter
cheap display with artifacts
a lot of hot glue

First look inside: The clock is completely indepedent from the alarm and UFO firing part. Perfect! The alarm board is even correctly labelled.
One thing we need to keep in mind is that the AVR will be powered from USB and the alarm by battery. The reason is that the alarm needs 4*1.5V and I don't want to risk connecting it to USB or the AVR. Not sure if it is possible to power the alarm-active pin from a different power source. But a large enough resistor might prevent problems.
Make sure everything fits and done.
Seems I even added connectors for programming.

Zeile0: m0<message>
Zeile1: m0<message>
A: Alarm on
a: Alarm off
See video for demo